Tell CA Fish and Game Commission to list the Tricolored Blackbird


Time is running out for the Tricolored Blackbird. Its Emergency Endangered Species Act protections run out onJune 30. We know this species needs the State’s protection. This year the Act was critical in saving several colonies of nesting birds. Send your letter to the California Fish & Game Commission today, demanding the Tricolored Blackbird be considered a candidate for California’s endangered species status, ensuring that the emergency protection provided for the last five months continues for the next year during a full scientific review of the species.

A statewide survey completed last year showed a 44 percent decline in Tricolored Blackbirds since 2011. The Tricolored Blackbird, which once numbered in the millions, lives almost entirely in California, and has long been of concern to Audubon California. The loss of 90 percent of its historic habitat is likely the main cause of its decline and it needs endangered species protection to ensure that this species is here for future Californian’s to enjoy.

We must act now to save this bird from extinction.

Send a letter to the Director of the Commission expressing your support of a listing here…



Mike Lynes
Director of Public Policy
Audubon California

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