Tell Duke Energy: Stop Killing Birds and the Laws That Protect Them

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Duke Energy appears to be the culprit behind the recent spate of attacks on the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA).

Duke Energy—the nation’s largest electric utility company—has launched a vendetta against the MBTA after being slapped with a $1 million fine for killing more than 150 migratory birds, including 14 Golden Eagles, at one of its wind farms in Wyoming.

The $25 billion company has hired a lobbying firm in Washington to help eviscerate the law. Last month, Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC)—who received $23,000 in campaign contributions from Duke—introduced two measures that would cripple America’s oldest and most important bird protection law.

Tell Duke Energy to stop messing with birds and the laws that protect them!

One of Rep. Duncan’s measures, embedded in the appropriations bill for the Commerce and Justice departments, has passed the full House. Another is pending as a rider on the Interior Department appropriations bill. Together they would make enforcement of the 97-year old law impossible.

If these restrictions had been in place when the BP Blowout occurred in 2010, BP would not have been liable for the deaths of an estimated one million birds killed in that disaster.

Tell Duke Energy to stand down from its attacks on the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Millions of migratory birds die from man-made causes each year on their semi-annual journeys. Many of these deaths can be prevented with good planning and cost-effective preventive measures. This is a moment when we should be strengthening the MBTA and other conservation laws, not striking them from the books!

Please join me in requesting that Duke Energy stand down from this vendetta.

Thank you for your steadfast support for birds and their habitats.

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