Tijuana Slough and Estuarine Reserve Trip Report


Today, July 16, 2022 was our PAS walk at the Tijuana Slough and Estuarine Reserve.  The day started out pleasant, relatively no wind, clouds blocked the sun and some fog could be seen in the distance.  16 of us started by visiting the adjacent sports field and apartment building to view the yellow Crowned Night Herons that nest in the trees.  We found many, adults and immatures, we also saw and heard a very vocal Osprey as it attended to its inhabited nest.

We returned to the reserve and walked the McCoy trail.  Several more Yellow Crowned night herons were seen and  multiple Ridgeway’s Rails were seen in the grass and mud on the river bank.

We lost a few people on the 2nd leg of the McCoy trail, those that persisted saw flights of Brown Pelicans, several varieties of terns and were welcomed by the return of the shorebirds ( Willets, Godwits, Dowitchers, etc,)

During our trip back to the parking area we encountered four blue grosbeaks (!) and got to watch a peregrine falcon strafe a pond; alarming the resting sand pipers and black necked stilts.

I have included a list from Imperial Beach. 7 of us did  as extra credit.

The ebird report includes 46 species.   2nd list contains 13 species, 3rd list contains 34 species

Thanks to Steve Ellis for keeping a list.

Thank you Mary Jo Hayes for keeping  lists

Thank you for allowing me to be your leader today.

I have included Ebird lists attached below

Gerry Baade





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