Tijuana Slough Field Trip Report

Hello friends.

On Sunday, April 6th, somewhere around 30 of us met to walk the Slough Peninsula and the McCoy trail at the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park.

The cooperative ranger had the gate open for us so ample parking was had by all.

Many familiar faces were present and it looked to be a pleasant and rewarding walk.

Yellow-crowned Night Herons were in abundance, Willet numbers are staging in greater magnitude and we caught views of some of the remaining ducks.

A bird of special mention was  the cooperative Wilson’s Snipe. It stayed by the trail for as long as we wanted. Some of us got our first look at this elusive bird.

At the end of the trail that overlooks the river escaping into the sea, we got a look at many resting seabirds including a quartet of Gull-billed Terns.

Linda and I did not continue onto imperial beach as the storm had caused much of the sand to retreat and the waves were perilous.

Please peruse the attached eBird list. Thanks to our compilers and photographers.

Till next time.

Gerry Baade


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