Trip Report: Dairy Mart Pond & Tijuana Valley

Good afternoon,
22 birders enjoyed a mostly clear and warm morning encountering the following 64 species;

Pied-billed grebe
Great blue heron
Great egret
Snowy egret
Green heron
Black-crowned night-heron
White-faced ibis
Turkey vulture
Cooper’s hawk
Red-shouldered hawk
Ridgway’s rail
Common gallinule
American coot
Spotted sandpiper
Long-billed curlew
Marbled godwit
Western gull
Rock pigeon
Eurasian collared-dove
Mourning dove
Common ground dove
Greater roadrunner
Black-chinned Hummingbird
Anna’s hummingbird
Allen’s hummingbird
Belted kingfisher
Nuttails’ woodpecker
Downy woodpecker
Black phoebe
Say’s phoebe
Ash-throated flycatcher
Cassin’s kingbird
Bell’s vireo
America crow
Common raven
Tree swallow
Northern rough-winged swallow
Barn swallow
Bewick’s wren
House wren
Marsh wren
California thrasher
European starling
Orange-crowned warbler
Nashville warbler
Yellow warbler
Common yellowthroat
Western tanager
Spotted towhee
California towhee
Lark sparrow
Song sparrow
Red-winged blackbird
Hooded oriole
House finch
Lesser goldfinch.
* White collared seed-eater
* Black-throated magpie jay
Seen by few before the official trip start.


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