Trip Report for San Diego River Estuary & Famosa Slough


About 28 birders attended the first part of the walk along the south side of San Diego River Estuary.  The weather was cool and overcast at the start of the walk but warmed up and was another perfect day in San Diego. 48 species (399 individual birds) were seen.  As usual the group got spread out so several birds were not seen by the whole group.  One bird seen by all was a Little Blue Heron that seem to follow us down the river.  A surprised sighting was of a Ridgeway Rail taking a quick bath.

The following eBird list has details of the birds seen and many good photos of most the birds:

After several discussions on where next to bird, it was decided to go to Famosa Slough after receiving a call from one of group the several birds were being seen there including Reddish Egrets.  Most of the group did not go to Famosa Slough.  The number of birds decreased by the time those that went arrived.  22 species (103 individual birds) were seen here.  For those that missed the Reddish Egret (myself included), there is a nice photo of it in the eBird report:


 Trip Leader:  Jeff Ebright


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