Urgent! The California Coastal Commission’s integrity is at stake

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actionbutton_plover_matheson.jpgAfter decades of protecting California’s coast, the California Coastal Commission is under attack by developers who want to oust key staff in order to pave the way for more development and the conversion of California’s iconic coastline for personal gain.

Send your email now, telling Governor Brown to keep Dr. Charles Lester at the Coastal Commission!

These big-money interests have convinced some allies on the California Coastal Commission to consider removing Executive Director Dr. Charles Lester, who has worked for years to provide objective, science-based recommendations on potential development. If these developers win, the Coastal Commission will be considerably weakened and species like the threatened Snowy Plover, California Least Tern, and the California Gnatcatcher will pushed further toward extinction.

We need your help to remind Governor Brown that California’s coast belongs to all Californians. The Governor has made several appointments to the Commission and his opinion holds a lot of weight with commissioners. Urge the Governor to weigh in to support coastal protection and keep Dr. Lester and his experienced, high-quality staff in their roles.

The California Coastal Commission was established by voter initiative in 1972 (Proposition 20) and later made permanent by the Legislature through adoption of the California Coastal Act of 1976**. It is charged with overseeing roughly 1,100 miles of the state’s coast. In order to develop or use water, developers need to get approval from the Commission. Their permitting process has prevented many projects that would have been catastrophic for California birds and native plants.

The California Coastal Commission will hold a public hearing during itsFebruary 10-12 meeting in Morro Bay to consider Dr. Charles Lester will be let go. Don’t let big-money developers undermine the Commission or steal our coast. Send your message today!



Michael Lynes
Director of Public Policy
Audubon California



Photo of Western Snowy Plover by Blake Matheson.

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