Vulture and Osprey Visit New Savannah Cam!

Savannah Great Horned Owl Cam Survives Adversity

Black Vulture watches Osprey flyover
After surviving a falling limb and Tropical Storm Hermine, the remodeled Savannah Cam is back to hosting interesting visitors like the Black Vulture and Osprey.

West Texas Hummingbird Cam Celebrates One Year

West Texas hummers grab a drink
Watch as the hummingbirds commemorate their anniversary in a frenzied fashion. The rainy weather has made these tiny birds very territorial of the feeders this year.

Hellgate Ospreys Migrate South For Winter

Fish delivery by Louis
Iris’s new mate, Louis, delivers one final fish during their last moments on cam this year.  We’re rooting for the pair to return for a successful breeding season next year!

Cornell Feeders Welcome an Uncommon Visitor

Juvie Rose-breasted Grosbeak on the patio
This juvenile Rose-breasted Grosbeak visitor at the Cornell Feeder gets us excited for the other colorful grosbeaks coming up this fall on the Ontario FeederWatch Cam!

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