Western Bluebirds nesting in our yard – May 14

We have been fascinated by our pair of nesting Western Bluebirds in our backyard. They have started a second clutch before the first clutch fledged. I still do not know if it’s common or not, but that sure is what
has happened.

The last few days have had us spending lots of time photographing them with the added benefit we have seen a lot of other visitors to the yard who stopped just for a moment.

Mrs. Blue started bringing in nesting material to the empty second nesting box. The first clutch had not yet fledged.

Then the babies in the first clutch started being more visible in the hole in the first box. So we could see they were getting close to fledging.

Then Mr. and Mrs. Blue mated during at least 2 days.

At this point Mrs. Blue pretty much stopped feeding the first clutch and Mr. Blue took over almost completely feeding them. Mrs. Blue would still check on them though.

Sunday the first clutch fledged and took off to neighboring large trees (we have no trees) so we did not see much of them.

Monday one came into the yard a few times.

Mr. Blue continues to do all the feeding but Mrs. Blue does check them out but is spending a lot of time in the box. Carmen thinks she had an egg partly out of her but once when she entered the box. It sure has been a fun week.

Linda Martino
Vista, CA


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