Whelan Lake: Caretaker Greg Stewart

Greg Stewart has now been the caretaker of Whelan Lake Preserve for over seven years. Prior to his coming, the place could only be described as a mess. It was a place that for some, because of the character and hygienics of the manager, they were afraid to attend these walks. During Greg’s tenure, we have noted substantial  improvements in the grounds. In addition, Greg, on most occasions, has gone out of his way to help ensure early-birders were able to gain access to the preserve, in some cases as early as 6:30 in the morning.  On our recent walk at Whelan Lake, Greg advised us the President of the association that manages Whelan Lake had made the decision to terminate Greg.  We do not know the reasons for the termination. What we do know is Greg served us well.

Consequently, at yesterday’s Board meeting of the Palomar Audubon Association, the Board made the decision to send a communication of support to the President of the Whelan Lake organization and, in addition, to ask members, should they concur, to send a text or make a phone call of support to the President and the Attorney associated with the Whelan Lake organization.

Here are the particulars:

Brent Jobe, President          760/822-8070

Jason Bergman, Attorney        952/457-3671

Your call or text would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Doug Walkley,

Palomar Audubon Society

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