Your action needed: Protect birds from climate change

National Audubon Society
170 species are in danger from climate change


Thousands upon thousands of people just like you raised your voices last year in support of aggressive legislation to address the impacts of climate change on birds and people. Those legislators need to hear your voices again this year.

Although the 2015 legislative session saw the passage of laws setting goals for renewable energy and coordinating the state’s response to climate change, lawmakers fell short on the more important bills that would have reduced our dependence on fossil fuels and set new goals for reducing the pollution that causes global warming. Legislators promised that they would come back in 2016 to finish the work they started, and we need to hold them to that.

Our birds and our communities are still at risk.

Please send a message to your state representatives encouraging them to continue the good work of addressing the real dangers of climate change to our environment as well as our communities. Last year, they faced a withering onslaught of advertising and lobbying from the polluters, and they have every reason to believe they’ll face that again. But your voice – and voice of thousands of others – will embolden them to stand up to that and do what’s right.

Send your email today.


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Brigid McCormack
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American Avocet. Photo: Melissa Groo.

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