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Tricolored Blackbird photo by Alan Vernon
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The future of California’s beloved Tricolored Blackbird is in question. Last December, the California Fish and Game Commission advanced this species as a candidate for protection under the California Endangered Species Act. Now, the Department of Fish and Wildlife is accepting comments on whether this the Tricolored Blackbird deserves protection.Send your letter today!

We know species depends on these types of protections: in fact, the emergency listing has been critical in saving several colonies and thousands of birds.

Fortunately, Audubon members have a say in saving the Tricolored Blackbird. The Department is receiving comments on whether the bird needs protections untilJune 1st. Their findings will be the basis for the Commission’s ultimate decision on protections for this California species.

Please send emails to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife today, demanding the Tricolored Blackbird receive California’s endangered species status. We’ve set it up to make sending this email very easy – it will just take a moment.

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Mike Lynes
Director of Public Policy

Tricolored Blackbird. Photo: Alan Vernon

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