Just Agree to be Kept Informed.

The group, FRIENDS OF KIT CARSON PARK, was formed several months ago following successful community action that blocked a disastrous proposal for a loud, gaudy, sprawling waterpark there.  A great deal of sensitive of wetland, open space and recreational land, not to mention the ambiance of the entire park, would have been affected.  This proposal appears to have been intended to by-pass the Planning Commission en route to approval allowing little time for effective public input.

The sole purpose of the FRIENDS is to protect the park by keeping  local citizenry informed and allowing them the opportunity to be heard when any changes of consequence are proposed.  It will accomplish this by meeting regularly with City Planning Staff and by otherwise keeping abreast of City thinking (contacts that have already been established), by keeping its members (“Friends”) informed and by soliciting their opinion.  This information will be fed back to the city, advancing or stalling proposals as they may come along, providing the city with this valuable input.

FRIENDS OF KIT CARSON PARK is totally apolitical.  It is adversarial of no one. It seeks solely to protect Kit Carson Park.  There are now about 200 friends, interested people who have asked to be kept informed and of whom nothing else is asked.  Clearly, the greater its membership, the more effective this organization is likely to be.

Kit Carson Park is at the core of Palomar Audubon’s existence.  You are invited…asked…to become a Friend and help with its protection.  If you are willing to join or have questions, please contact Ed Hall at  To join, simply respond “I’m In”.   It’s the responsible thing to do, right?

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