Announcing: PAS Adventures in Panama, 2025


How would you like to see a Harpy Eagle? Darien is a stronghold for Harpy Eagles and holds Central America’s largest population of this rare and majestic bird. The Harpy Eagle is one of the largest raptors on earth, but despite its large size, with its 7-ft wingspan, it can maneuver through the dense rainforest canopy and remain well hidden. However, with the excellent, experienced guides from Canopy Family, we will have a good chance to see Panama’s impressive national bird during our stay at the Canopy Camp in Darien!

Palomar Audubon Society is pleased to announce a most exciting opportunity! The Canopy Family has offered members of Palomar Audubon an invitation to visit Canopy Camp Darien for an amazing week-long tour beginning March 29, 2025, and ending April 5, 2025. In addition, there will be not one, but two extension tours available to us! You may choose to add three days before the main tour, with a visit to Canopy Lodge, and you may choose to add three days at the end of the main tour with a visit to Canopy Tower!

Believe me when I tell you that these dates were not easy to secure, as we are in competition with big name tour companies such as VENT and Field Guides, who secure their prime dates well over a year in advance! However, PAS is a friend to the Canopy Family, and with some creative juggling, they were able to make space for 8-10 PAS members to visit their lodges. So, get ready for the trip of a life-time!

PAS trip to Panama, 2025

Extension #1:

March 26th–Arrival day for extension #1. Journey to and explore Canopy Lodge

March 29th – Check out from Canopy Lodge and settle in at Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel and a day of urban birding.

Main Tour:

March 29th—Arrival day for main tour. Check in to Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel and join friends from 1st extension.

March 30th – Meet your guide in the hotel lobby. Journey to and explore Canopy Camp Darien

April 5 – Check out from Canopy Camp Darién and move to Canopy Tower for extension #2, or travel to the airport in Panama City for your flight home.

Extension #2: April 5 – 8 Journey to and explore Canopy Tower

April 8 – Departure day

Here are the net rates for this trip:

Canopy Camp Darien, Main Tour: US $3,350.78 per person double occupancy

Apply a single supplement (one person in a double tent) US $181.50 per night

Canopy Lodge or Canopy Tower extension US $1,110.26 per person, per lodge.

Please check out the website and watch the videos! You will be hooked!

Text or email Dianne Benham to join this amazing adventure! Text 858 243 9665 or email

Depending on how many people apply, there will be more opportunity if you are booking a double room with a partner. Please apply together, if possible. We have currently been offered 4 rooms with two people per room and 2 rooms for one person. (If rooming alone you would need to pay the single supplement at Camp Darien, as all cabin tents are for two people.) If you are a single but are willing to room with another person, let us know. If we have more applicants than spaces, we will have a lottery to determine the participants.

More information and a tentative itinerary will be provided upon request and when you register!

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