Wilderness Gardens Preserve Field Trip Report

Hi Birders,

On Saturday April 27, twenty-seven birders walked around Wilderness
Gardens Preserve near Pala. The weather was very pleasant, but as in the
past, it warmed up, and was quite hot when we finished. We found 46
different bird species. There were lots of Acorn Woodpeckers, Bushtits,
and Common Ravens. I think the best birds were the Barn Owls and the
Ash-throated Flycatchers. Many thanks go out to Steve Ellis for keeping
track of the birds we saw. Also, thanks go out to our photographers. See
Steve’s eBird checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S170620804

Wilderness Gardens Preserve near Pala, is always a favorite PAS birding
location. It’s always amazing to me, that many San Diego County birders
are still unaware of this great birding location. It’s open daily except

JIM BECKMAN   trip leader

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