Daley Ranch Bird Walk Report

Hello bird enthusiasts,

Today at Daley Ranch, there were fourteen participants willing to bird in damp, slightly foggy conditions. Parking was difficult with only about three spaces available at 7:00 AM! Our group persevered and picked up 45 species and 182 individuals.

We walked the usual trails, Ranch House to Middle Pond to East Ridge and back to Ranch House. The temperature remained unseasonably cool, and it was cloudy the entire outing. There is still some water coming down from the hills and into the ponds. This made for a precarious crossing near Middle Pond, but after this, it was smooth trekking. The usual resident chaparral birds were seen along with a few colorful spring/summer visitors such as Townsend’s Warbler, Hooded Oriole, Yellow Warbler, and the Black-headed Grosbeak. We also observed, a juvenile reptile (photo courtesy of Tsaiwei) venturing out to possibly find a snack.

It was a fine morning of birding camaraderie. Many thanks go out to all who walked Daley today and special thanks to the photographers.

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Bird on!

Thank you.

Mary Jo Hayes

Escondido, CA

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