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July 2013

photo of hummingbirds

Saltmarsh Sparrows are extremely vulnerable to even a slight rise in sea level, since they nest exclusively in marsh habitat along the Northeast coast. (Photo by nebirdsplus / Flickr Creative Commons)

President Obama Announces Plan to Combat Climate Change

On a hot Washington DC afternoon in late June, President Obama took the podium to announce his groundbreaking plan to reduce carbon pollution and put the lid on climate change. His plan includes reducing emissions from existing and proposed power plants, responsible for one-third of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. Read more and take action →

photo of owl 

Conservation programs in the Farm Bill preserve habitat for Northern Pintail ducks and many other species. (Photo by Gary Kramer / USFWS)

House Fails to Pass Farm Bill, Putting Conservation Programs in Jeopardy

Audubon’s priority for this year’s Farm Bill is to ensure that our taxpayer money isn’t used to reward agricultural producers who are harming vital bird habitats. Supported by conservation and farm groups alike, “conservation compliance” will help protect vital habitat for birds throughout the country. The Senate has already passed a bill with this key provision, but the House failed to pass any bill at all. Read more →

photo of person with face covered photo of woman

A Least Tern shelters its chick at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. (Photo by Walker Golder / Audubon North Carolina)

(Photo by Mark Poprocki / Fotolia)

Your Actions at Work

Some of you received a lot of action alerts last month, and we are grateful to everyone who responded! From our largest National Forest in Alaska to our oldest National Seashore in North Carolina, Auduboners spoke up on critical issues for birds. Find out how you made a difference →

Ask an Expert

Our new section will answer YOUR questions about our advocacy work. We started with one we get frequently. Please send us your questions and we’ll try to cover them in future issues.
Q. My member(s) of Congress always vote correctly/incorrectly on environmental issues. Are my letters still important? Get the answer →

News from the Flyways

Audubon Connecticut: Governor vetoes bad ATV bill.

Senate supports Audubon New Mexico‘s water projects.

Audubon New York priority legislation to stop the invasive Eurasian boar passes legislature.

Mystery Bird
Congratulations to Lynn O., from Centennial, CO, who correctly identified last month’s Northern Pintail (pictured above in the Farm Bill article). With the launch of our new design, we are retiring Mystery Bird. It’s been fun and challenging to come up with a new bird each month that relates to one of our policy initiatives and we’ve really enjoyed reading your responses, but all good things must come to an end.
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