Bird Cams Highlights: Across The Hemisphere, Chicks Prepare For Their First Flight

Cahow Chick Soon To Leave Nonsuch Island

Watch The Cahow Chick Get Banded During A Health Check.
Join Bermuda Petrel expert Jeremy Madeiros as he fastens a leg band on “Sunny” the cahow chick during his 10-week health check. Less than a week remains until this endangered chick is expected to fledge over the Atlantic Ocean.

Albatross Chicks Get Bigger And Bolder

Watch Kiamanu Preen A Chicken
Watch Laysan Albatross chick “Kiamanu” attempt to preen a chicken in a curious encounter on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Osprey Chick Growing One Nibble At A Time

Watch The Osprey Chick Self-feed For The First Time.
At nearly 40 days old, the Osprey chick in the Savannah nest has started using its sharply hooked bill to self-feed.

A Family Affair On The Cornell Hawks Cam

Watch An Afternoon Frog Delivery On The Cornell Hawks Cam.
After Arthur delivers a frog in swooping fashion, Big Red arrives to feed the snack to her chicks on the Red-tailed Hawk cam.

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