Habitat Network Newsletter: May 2018

The days are long, the garden-chore list is longer…

Seeking stories of Homeowner Associations (HOAs) & landscaping initiatives. Email us: help@habitat.network

Moss lawn

Moss Gardens

Cathy Burk, a Habitat Network citizen scientist, has been experimenting with creating moss gardens for several years. She outlines the benefits of a moss lawn, followed by directions on how to grow a moss lawnLearn More

Photo by Cathy Burk

Beautiful Habitat Maps

Guardians of Habitat

We want to share habitat inspiration! Each month, we will highlight Guardians of Habitat by sharing interesting bits of data from our citizen-science project. This month we focus on pollinator gardens.

Learn More

People Birdwatching

Sense of Place

By spending time in our favorite outdoor spaces–for many of us it is our yards–we become experts of our place. Along with developing a deep attachment to our plants and wildlife, we can contribute our observations to science….Learn More

Photo by TNC (Kevin Arnold)

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