December 10 Birding at Live Oak Park and Los Jilgueros Preserve Trip Report

We had an excellent day of birding today in the Fallbrook environs. On a blue-sky filled day, twenty-three birders scoured the terrains and found 21 species in Live Oak Park and 43 species at Los Jilgueros Preserve. I was thinking the Los Jilgueros count may have been a record for the area. But, oh no, Gnatcatcher, Ken Weaver, just had to beat us whe, at the peak of breeding season, on April 5, 2019, he discovered 48 species. Los Jilgueros failed to disappoint, producing all the species promised and more. Species such as: Golden-crowned Sparrow; Phainopepla; Lincoln Sparrow; American Robin; Hermit Thrush; and Cedar Waxwings delighted all. Diane and I had spent a few hours the day before cutting out and improving the trail into the northern lake to provide the perfect vantage point for us to view the Great blue Heron, 43 American Wigeon, a pair of Northern Shovelers, a Pied-billed Grebe and Rudy Ducks. Live Oak Park also came through with its White-breasted Nuthatch, Oak Titmouse and lots of Band-tailed Pigeons.

After the walk we all gathered at our home for lunch, just three minutes away from Los Jilgueros. The day proved so pleasant that everyone chose to eat outside. It was a convivial group with lots of enthusiastic conversations and mixing. Hal and Dianne Benham had just returned from New Mexico, so we got to hear some of their stories about a couple of new lifers (is there such a thing as old lifers) and experiences watching the thousands of Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes erupt in the early morning. It was good to see a couple of new members enjoying themselves and heartily participating. Based on what little food was left, I’d say we had a hungry but satisfied crew.

Many thanks Steve Ellis for compiling our two eBird lists as well as a special thanks to several members who submitted some excellent pictures of the birds, some of which I did not even realize we had seen.

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Until next time, we’re flyin’ high,

Doug & Diane Walkley

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