Lindo Lake Trip Report

Hello Everyone, Merry Christmas

On Saturday, December 3rd, twenty five of us assembled to bird the perimeter of Lindo Lake.  It was cool, not windy, many birds were calling and the  group was reluctant to assemble as we were spread over the lot with divided attentions. 

We were met by a sedge of black crowned night herons, on the fence, ground, vehicles too,  some of us moved our cars to avert being roosted upon.

On the field in front of us were Canada Geese, Greater White Fronted Geese and American Coots which graduated into Mallards as we closed upon the lake shore.  Wood ducks were in attendance, Double Crested Cormorants and American White Pelicans led the flotilla. Pigeons and Black Birds filled the air over the lake, some called to attention; the Coopers Hawk that was causing them to take flight.

The parrots took center stage, large flourishes of vocalizing parrots ; as we perused the newly graded and filled lake with its abundant native planting, bird blinds and overlooks. Give this newly renovated location some time, it will increase in its birding potential.

We circled the entire lake this time; I hope everyone was satisfied with their birding encounter.

Thanks to Steve Ellis for keeping our ebird list and to the ladies who adorned our list with their photographic efforts. 



Click on the above link to see the ebird list.  Thanks everyone, see you next time….


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