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Air pollution in the form of greenhouse gas emissions is the leading cause of global warming. Air pollution also poses an immediate threat to public health, as well as the health of our birds and environment. That’s why I’m hoping you can send an email today to support a package of bills being considered tomorrow on the floor of the California State Senate that will increase our use of renewable energy and clean our air.

Senate Bills 32 and 350 are the two leading bills that will chart California’s path forward in combating climate change over the next 35 years. Senate Bill 32 will expand California’s current climate pollution reduction target to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. Senate Bill 350, calls for a 50% reduction in petroleum use in cars and trucks, a 50 percent increase in energy efficiency in buildings, and a 50% increase in use of renewable energy, all by 2030. These are important goals to meet if we are going to be serious about having cleaner air and reducing the threats to birds and our communities.

Audubon’s own research shows that global warming caused by carbon pollution will threaten 170 California bird species in the coming decades. But perhaps more immediate is impact of air pollution on birds and habitat, needless to say public health.

Thirty million Californians (77% of the population) live in counties that received a failing grade for air pollution, according to the American Lung Association. It’s hard for children and families to connect with nature when it’s unhealthy to go outside. Cleaner air is good for everyone, people and birds alike.

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Michael Lynes
Director of Public Policy
Audubon California

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