No to new offshore oil drilling



Last week’s oil spill at Refugio State Beach in Santa Barbara illustrates just how devastating for birds and habitat this type of pollution can be. Right now, a loophole in state law would permit new offshore oil drilling in some of our most precious habitat areas. A bill making its way through the Legislature would close this loophole, and an email from you could make sure it advances.

Senate Bill 788 would close a loophole in current law allows the State Lands Commission to sign off on new oil drilling leasing under some circumstances. The law also allows the possibility of drilling in Marine Protected Areas, which were recently designated to protect marine birds and marine ecosystems. Drilling in these places goes against the very idea of the Marine Protected Areas and puts our most delicate birds and other marine life right in harm’s way.

Californians long ago made it clear that they oppose any new offshore oil drilling that threatens are magnificent coastline and the wildlife that depends on it. Let’s close this loophole for good and ensure the health of our shorelines forever.

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Mike Lynes
Director of Public Policy
Audubon California

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