Dos Picos/Rangeland Rd Trip Report

The day started out chilly and slow for birding, but picked up as it got warmer.  33 birders got 45 species at Dos Picos Park, highlighted by life looks at a Sora, as attached pictures show.  Moving on to Rangeland Rd., we were rewarded with nice views of both dark light morphs of Ferruginous Hawks, beautiful Mountain Bluebirds and a big flock of Cattle Egrets.  At one point, we had simultaneous scope-views of a Golden Eagle and a Bald Eagle.  We capped off Rangeland Road with looks at Burrowing Owls guarding their artificial burrows.  64 species total on a fine day for birding!

Hal Benham

Links to eBird Checklists: – Dos Picos County Park – Rangeland Rd.

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