Escondido CBC Preliminary Results


From: Kenneth Weaver

Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2022 19:03:51 PST

We held the Escondido CBC, sponsored by the Palomar Audubon Society, on Sunday, January 2.  Currently, 163 species have been reported with three teams yet to report. 

Highlights include 23 species of ducks and geese, including five different geese, and twenty birds of prey, including four owls and four falcons.Birds with fewer than ten previous records are listed below, although documentation is still needed for some species.Hammond’s Flycatcher, one at Kit Carson Park in Escondido (Paul Lehman)Varied Thrush, one in north Pamo Valley (Chris and Supeena Adler)American Redstart, continuing bird at Kit Carson Park in Escondido (Paul Lehman)Summer Tanager, one at the Safari Park (Stan Walens)Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, continuing bird at Nuevo Memorial Gardens in Ramona (Stacy McCline)Brown Creeper, one at Kit Carson Park in Escondido (Paul Lehman)White-winged Dove, eight near the Ramona Airport (Rick Grove, Jayne Lesley, John Barry), one on Highland Valley Road north of Salida del Sol (Bruce Rideout), and one at Lake Wohlford in Valley Center (Trysten and Aedyn Loefke, Mary Jo and Patrick Hayes, Hank Ingersoll, Geoff Rogers)White-throated Sparrow, one at Lake Wohflord (by the Lake Wohlford team noted above).

Palm Warbler, one at the Safari Park (Stan Walens).We also observed a number of species that are regular within this count circle, but are scarce on the coast such as Ferruginous Hawk, Golden Eagle, Zone-tailed Hawk, Western Screech-Owl, Mountain Bluebird, Vesper Sparrow, and Scott’s Oriole.


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