Escondido Christmas Bird Count Highlights

The Escondido CBC, sponsored by the Palomar Audubon Society, also includes the San Pasqual and Pamo valleys and portions of Valley Center, Ramona, and Poway.  Here are some highlights from the count held on Saturday, December 30.  Some omissions are likely as several teams have yet to submit results.  The Harris’s Hawks observed near the Ramona Airport are still under discussion as to their “wildness.”  Total number of species will be in the mid-150s.

Snow Goose, 4 at the Safari Park (San Pasqual Valley).
Wood Duck, 1 at Dixon Lake (Escondido).
Eurasian Wigeon, 1 at the Vineyard Golf Course (Escondido).

Common Goldeneye, 1 at Dixon Lake.
Hooded Merganser, 1 at the golf course near Archie Moore Drive
(Ramona), 1 at the Maderas Golf Course in Poway, 4 at Kit Carson Park
in Escondido.
Common Merganser, 8 at Lake Wohlford (Valley Center).

Clark’s Grebe.. 9 at Lake Wohlford.
Least Bittern, 1 at Dixon Lake, 1 at Lake Wohlford.
Golden Eagle, 1 on Rangeland Road (Ramona).

Bald Eagle, 1 on Guejito Road (Valley Center), 2 at Lake Wohlford, 2 near
Rangeland Road.
Zone-tailed Hawk, 2 at the Safari Park.
White-winged Dove, 3 in north Pamo Valley, 4 near Oak Tree Ranch
Mobilehome Park (Ramona), 8 at the San Pasqual Academy.

Burrowing Owl, 1 near Mule Hill (south Escondido).
Lewis’s Woodpecker, 1 in south Pamo Valley.
Prairie Falcon , 1 at North Pamo Valley, 1 near Rangeland Road.

Vermilion Flycatcher, 2 at the Safari Park.
Plumbeous Vireo, 1 at the Safari Park.
Red-breasted Nuthatch, 1 at the Orfila Winery (Escondido).

Hermit Warbler, 1 at Kit Carson Park. First count circle record.
Wilson’s Warbler, 1 in east end of San Pasqual Valley.
Clay-colored Sparrow, 1 at Oak Tree Ranch Mobile Home Park. First count
circle record.

Bell’s Sparrow, 1 on Black Canyon Road (Cleveland National Forest, 2 in
northeast Ramona.
Western Tanager, one at Canyon Road (Escondido).
Scott’s Oriole, 1 near Paradise Mountain Road (Valley Center), 5 near
Summit Drive (Escondido).

Thanks to all the participants. Good birding in 2018!

Ken Weaver

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