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2017 Alert #10

Action Alert

Stop Safari Highlands Ranch


The San Diego countryside is under attack by badly planned sprawl development. A case in point is the Safari Highlands Ranch proposal near the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The City of Escondido is undertaking an aggressive annexation for this remote location. Current zoning is for 27 units. The proposal is for 550 units. The habitat is pristine coastal sage scrub, riparian woodland, and chaparral. With its scattered development pods, the project would destroy hopes in this area for the North County Multiple Species Conservation Program.

Fire hazard is severe, yet if Santa Ana winds flame a firestorm and advance on the development with little warning, limited exit routes would not allow people to evacuate. This is exactly what happened in the Santa Rosa tragedy and what almost happened in the recent Lilac fire near Bonsall. The draft Environmental Impact Report functions as a misleading advertisement for the project.

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Action Requested

Please let the City of Escondido know just how ill-conceived this project is. Comments on the draft Environmental Impact Report are due January 2, 2018. EHL and our local partner, San Pasqual Valley Preservation Alliance, have detailed the numerous deficiencies in extensive comment letters and expert critiques, but your voice is important to show public concern.

Please send an email to the City. You may use this sample and add your own thoughts.


John Helmerr
City of Escondido
201 North Broadway
Escondido, CA 92025

RE: Safari Highlands Ranch DEIR; ENV 15-0009; SUB 15-0019

Dear Mr. Helmer:

The DEIR for this project is deficient in regards to biology, traffic, water quality, aesthetics, and many other issues. It would ruin a core habitat area and put future residents at unacceptable risk of wildfire. The site is distant from urban areas and its unadulterated sprawl provides no affordable housing. The City should recognize the severe constraints of the location and deny the project.




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