Field Trip Results: Bolsa Chica & Huntington Central Park

Dear Friends,

On Saturday October 19, twenty birders met up at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve and we then traveled 5 miles to Huntington Central Park for a picnic lunch and some more birding.  Both of these locations are in Huntington Beach, Orange County. The weather was perfect — best ever for this field trip! We found 59 bird species total for both spots.  The Ruddy Turnstones and the Reddish Egret at Bolsa Chica were nice sightings, along with the unusual pair of Egyptian Geese at Huntington Central Park.

Here is our bird list:

Egyptian Goose
American Wigeon
Blue-winged Teal
Northern Pintail
Ruddy Duck
Pied-billed Grebe
Eared Grebe
Double-crested Cormorant
American White Pelican
Brown Pelican
Great Blue Heron
Great Egret
Snowy Egret
Reddish Egret
White-faced Ibis
Northern Harrier
Cooper’s Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk
American Coot
Black-bellied Plover
Greater Yellowlegs
Long-billed Curlew
Marbled Godwit
Ruddy Turnstone
Least Sandpiper
Short-billed Dowitcher
Dowitcher sp.
Ring-billed Gull
Western Gull
Caspian Tern
Forster’s Tern
Rock Pigeon
Mourning Dove
Anna’s Hummingbird
Hummingbird sp.
Nuttall’s Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker
Northern Flicker
American Kestrel
Black Phoebe
Say’s Phoebe
Cassin’s Kingbird
American Crow
Horned Lark
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Western Bluebird
Thrush sp.
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Savannah Sparrow
Song Sparrow
House Finch
Lesser Goldfinch
Orange-cheeked Waxbill

JIM BECKMAN  trip leader

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