Lake Wohlford Trip Report

Hello Bird Enthusiasts,

Today, about twenty-six birders met at Lake Wohlford and walked Egret Trail to the service road on the south side of the lake. This was a new bird walk location for PAS this year.

We began with temperatures in the upper 40s and ended in the low 60s with clear skies and calm winds. In the morning, everyone, even the birds, were looking for a sunny location to warm up. Birding was slow in the beginning but crescendoed at our turn-around point with glimpses of a Canyon Wren, good looks at a hovering Belted Kingfisher, a Great Blue Heron perched in a tree, and a number of duck species.

I would like to thank all the birders who navigated the winding roads and braved the chilly temperatures. A huge amount of gratitude goes out to Steve Ellis for compiling the eBird checklist, our scopeman Hal Benham, all the bird sighters, listeners, supporters, and photographers.

I think it was a great day! Please see our eBird checklist by clicking on the link below or pasting it into your browser.

Bird On!

Thank you.

Mary Jo Hayes

Escondido, CA

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