Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival, January 15-18, 2016

Come Celebrate Our 20th Annual Festival!

Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival, January 15-18, 2016

MORRO BAY, CALIFORNIA – Come to where the birds are and join us for our 20th Annual Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival.

Located on California’s scenic Central Coast, Morro Bay is an important top on the Pacific Flyway and one of the country’s pre-eminent birding spots. The area is recognized worldwide for its diversity of both resident and wintering birds, and at last year’s festival, over 200 species of birds were identified!

The Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival is sponsored by Morro Coast Audubon Society, California State Parks, the Central Coast State Parks Association, and the City of Morro Bay and gives you the chance to join local and national birding experts on a variety of field trips and workshops. Field trip group sizes are limited to maximize spotting and identification opportunities. The festival also offers workshops aimed at sharpening your birding skills, as well as
evening programs with outstanding speakers.

Our keynote speaker Saturday, January 16th, will be John Marzluff on “Subirdia” − a very informed and entertaining view of living with humans −if you’re a bird.


– Expanded “Nature Track” events: climate change impacts, visit an oyster farm, learn about sustainable fishing, and more.

– “Youth Track”: Special admission offers for youth aged 18 and under. (see website for details)

– Travel by Trolley: Check your registration info for trolley schedule to see if you can hitch a lift between the Community Center and your field trip.

To register and for more information about the Festival; check out our website at

Registration starts on November 7 and our brochure will be available then. The deadline for pre-registration is January 5, 2016 but early signups are encouraged as the most popular events fill up quickly.

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