Palomar Mountain State Park Field Trip Report


On Saturday, June 29th, a group of fifteen participants was willing to bird Palomar Mountain State Park through the bugs at Doane Pond and Doane Valley Nature Trail. We were hoping to see and were successful in finding the Purple Martins and Brown Creepers, but I think we were most amazed by the multiple Red-breasted Sapsuckers.

It was sunny and the skies were beautifully blue. The temperature range started in the high 60s and ended in the low 80s. Winds were light and humidity was low.

We gathered afterward for a relaxing picnic lunch under the oaks and cedars at the Silvercrest Picnic Area.

It was a fun, adventurous, rewarding day of birding. Many thanks go out to all who joined the walk yesterday and special thanks to the photographers.

Please see our eBird checklists by clicking the links below or pasting them into your browser.

Doane Pond:

Doane Valley Nature Trail:

Thank you.

Bird On!

Mary Jo Hayes

Escondido, CA

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