Wm. Heise County Park/Santa Ysabel Mission Field Trip Report

Hi Good Friends,

On Saturday June 22, it was really hot in the mountains. The temperature  was 92-95 all morning. Unfortunately, only five birders showed up. We tried to bird in the shade as much as possible, and of course, the birds were sparse.

At Wm, Heise County Park we found 23 different species. Lots Of Acorn Woodpeckers, Spotted Towhees,. and Mountain Chickadees. Next, we drove down the hill to Santa Ysabel. We stopped at the new Santa Ysabel Nature Center. We found 5 different bird species here. This is a very impressive place, and is a worthwhile location to visit. They have A/C, nice restrooms, a museum, picnic tables, and hiking trails. Finally, we we drove a little further north on Hwy 79 to the Santa Ysabel Mission, where we ate lunch. We also found 13 different bird species at this location. Lots of Cliff Swallows, & Western Bluebirds.

Again, many thanks go out to Steve Ellis for keeping our eBird checklists:





JIM BECKMAN  trip leader

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