Rare San Diego Bird and a 13 Year Old Birder

Hi Good Friends,

During and after Tropical Storm Hilary, birders were told to look for birds that may show up in unexpected locations. With the heavy rain, and strong wind, birds might be pushed eastward, and some seabirds might show up at some of our San Diego County inland lakes.

On Monday morning August 21, a lot of birders headed over to Lake Henshaw to see what unusual birds might be there. One of the birders who made the trip was Justin Hartsell. Justin is a 13 year-old birder who lives in Fallbrook. He recently moved here with his family from Chicago. Justin has joined PAS on a couple of our Saturday field trips and he is a new member of our PAS discussion group. He really likes bird photography.

On Monday, there were 17 Lake Henshaw eBird reports. That’s a large number for a single location on a single day. Justin submitted an excellent report and he shared his photos with four other birders. The Wedge-rumped Storm-Petrel is a really rare seabird for San Diego County.

See Justin’s eBird checklist and his wonderful photos here:




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