San Elio Bird Walk



On a cool, overcast day, just about perfect for birding, 27 birders explored San Elijo Lagoon finding a total of 55 species.  Favorite sightings included a Red-tailed Hawk catching and then enjoying a little bird for breakfast, a well-lit pair of Nuttall’s Woodpeckers, a close-up look at a pair of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, a Long-billed Curlew eating a fish, and a Peregrine Falcon absolutely demolishing the tranquility of feeding shorebirds, then taking aim at a nearby Northern Harrier.  What a show!  Thanks go out to the many experienced birders in our group today for helping us build our impressive list, and to the many excellent photographers who captured some wonderful photos. Please click on the attached link to Steve Ellis’ E-Bird list for names and photos of birds submitted! Thanks again, everyone, for another great day of birding with PAS!

Trip Leader Hal Benham

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