Upcoming Events at Starr Ranch!



This is the female on the nest which has the chicks we’ll be banding. Photo by Holly Garrod

Kestrel in nest box

Kestrels lay eggs in Starr Ranch Live Web Cam box!

Kestrels just finished laying a clutch of four eggs in one of our Kestrel boxes and have started incubating. To follow their progress on our live webcams click here.

Great Horned Owl in nest box

Great Horned Owl and Barn Owl banding event April 11

I will be banding both Great Horned Owl and Barn Owl chicks on April 11th. If you would like to attend, click here for details and to sign up. This is a fundraiser like our Birdathon (see below), but more important, a really unique experience. You will have the opportunity to see the chicks of both species of these owls “up close and personal”. Lunch will be provided.

Birdathon April 17

The Starr Ranch Birdathon will be on April 17th. We hope you’ll check it out and pledge whatever you can to support all we do here. Starr Ranch Birdathon

Thanks for your support!


Pete DeSimone
Ranch Manager


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