Urgent Need of a Volunteer for Newsletter Mailing

After many years of working to ensure our Newsletter gets mailed out, Al & Donna Przecha are “retiring” and we need someone to volunteer to take over this bi-monthly task.

Al & Donna will be able to assist and train the volunteer for the next mailing at the end of August.

Following is a high level overview of the tasks they perform:

  • Maintain a mailing list for Chapter Only members (COM).

  • Print mailing labels from a National Audubon download and COM list.

  • Once Newsletters have been printed and folded by other volunteers, affix the mailing labels.

  • Take Newsletters to the Post Office to be mail (Postage is prepaid).

Please contact Penny Hernandez at 760-746-8315 or pennybirders@juno.com if you can help.

If we can not find a volunteer, we may be forced to end the Newsletter.



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