Volunteers needed to help fight for California birds

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Audubon California succeeds on the power of its network. Over the years, your collective voice has led to great changes in the way our society values and protects birds. From our formation over the slaughter of egrets for hats to the collaborative spirit that saved Mono Lake, and more recently our common sense approach that removed a dangerous source of lead poisoning from our environment – we get amazing things done together.

Today you have another chance to make history.

California is currently advancing the most comprehensive climate legislation that the United States has ever seen, and this has tremendous ramifications for birds and people. We are working hard to ensure these bills make their way into law, but we can’t do this alone.

Do you want to volunteer with us to fight against the biggest threats facing our state’s birds and the people that love them?

This campaign needs bird lovers to do a variety of things to help out. These could include spreading the word through social media, sending letters to legislators, hosting dinner parties to share facts about global warming’s effect on birds, and attending meetings with elected officials. What you contribute is up to you – we just want to know if you’re willing to help.

Please consider signing up today.



Juan Altamirano
Associate Director of Public Policy
Audubon California

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