East Lake Hodges Trip Report

We took a different trail on this walk due to the low water level on the lake due to the repair work on the dam.  We took the Piedras Pintadas Trail which is more wooded and quite scenic with some fall colors.  The day was clear and sunny; cool at the start and warmed to pleasant temperature. About 19 people joined us on this walk.  We did not see our usual waterfowl, but were treated to a nice sighting of a Red-tailed Hawk and Say’s Phoebe.  The best sighting was of a Cayote that was dragging a baby deer. 


We saw 33 species and 185 individual birds.  See checklist for list of birds: 


Steve Ellis was not on the walk, so it was on me to create the eBird checklist and share it.  I apologize to those that normally get shared the checklist that I missed.  

Trip Leader:  Jeff Ebright 

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